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Pupil A4R1

Short Film

Hi reader/viewer!

I’m stopping by to share a short film adaptation I created of my flash fiction story:

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Pupil A4R1
Pupil A4R1 Relic Catalogue 132 New File Earth Remnant: B Time Marker: 3023 AC {AFTER CANCELLATION} Relic Location: land | sea union point {ATLANTIC} Image Capture: Image Zoom…
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If you haven’t read the story, I recommend you do that first. It’s very quick.

Also… book first, film adaptation second, right??

The film is best viewed on a tablet or monitor in full screen mode if you have that option. Speakers up!

The ending of the film is slightly different from the original story.

So, I’ll be wondering…

Which ending did you find more compelling?

Did the film mess with your initial perception of who (or what) the protagonist is in the story?

Do tell!

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