Hello reader. Here’s what it’s about.

I’m Meg Oolders.

I have many voices and wear many hats, but there is only one of me on the planet. As far as I know.

My past work experience runs an indecisively impressive gamut.

I’ve been (in no particular order): a newspaper delivery person, bus person, waitress, caterer, florist, actress, singer, dancer, director, choreographer, specialty food store manager, cooking class instructor, personal chef, pastry chef, Victoria’s Secret retail associate, bouncer, Segway tour guide, theater camp counselor, cooking camp counselor, farmstand worker, hardware store clerk, church office administrator, theater box office manager, and I was in a band.

For the past nineteen years I’ve been a wife, and for the past eleven years I’ve been a mother. These last two professions, while incredibly rewarding, pay about as well as fiction writing. (See “Should I pay for Stock Fiction?” below.)

My status quo is motherhood, writing, matrimony, and middle age.

I also do yoga, walk several miles a day, and dance in my kitchen.

I like cake and flowers and can make art with both.

I have big goals, small expectations, thin skin, and a rapier wit. In a duel I would choose bawdy banter at sun-up. Because I’m a morning person.

I grew up near the ocean and it still pulls at me.

My friendships are few, but fabulous.

I really like my family.

I have a lot to say, and writing helps me say it.

What kinds of stories will I get if I subscribe?

No genre is safe. My goal is to keep you smiling, laughing, crying, cringing, and wondering what’s next?








I also write young adult novels!

You can read my YA masterpiece, See Dot Smile, for free on Wattpad.com.

Do I have to pay for Stock Fiction?

Have to? No.

As a free subscriber, you’ll receive two fiction pieces a month, plus an occasional micro-essay about my writing journey, my personal journey on planet earth, or any interstellar journeys I may embark upon.

Could I pay for Stock Fiction?

Could you? YES!

A monthly, annual, or founding member subscription includes some perks, including bonus works of experimental fiction, poetry, humor, and behind-the-veil personal essays. Not only that, but if you purchase an annual or founding member subscription, (or pay monthly for a full calendar year), I’ll automatically upgrade you to a FOREVER subscription, which will give you access to all paywalled stories for as long as Stock Fiction or its author shall exist on Substack.

Should I pay for Stock Fiction?

The decision to pay for the content I’m creating is yours to make. If you love what I’m doing here and want to show your support for me as an artist trying to leave her mark on the world, then a paid subscription is one way to do that.

Another way is to indulge in my free content and show your appreciation the new old-fashioned way. By leaving thoughtful comments and sharing my work with others you think would enjoy it. 

Thank you for taking the time to explore Stock Fiction.

I would be honored to have you as a subscriber.

Yours truly (and in fiction),

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Meg Oolders

Out there, Meg is the author of the 2023 Watty Award winning novel, "See Dot Smile." In here, Meg writes gutsy short fiction, evocative poetry, snarky humor, and more. Meg also rewrites this bio about once a week. To stay relevant.