What is this about?

Stock Fiction is a dynamic anthology of short fiction, poetry, humor, and multimedia experiments from the fiery heart/busy mind of award-winning novelist, Meg Oolders.

Who is Meg Oolders?

She is me.

I am her.

What’s your story?

At forty-four, I’m still a work in progress. But here are some bullet points:

  • A fellow writer recently described me as “a tenacious survivor of what appears to have been a ferocious fight of feral identities.” I proudly resemble the remark.

  • In truth, I am an experienced worker of jobs, explorer of passions, performer of arts, and weaver of dreams.

  • For the past nineteen years I’ve been a wife, and for the past eleven years I’ve been a mother. These two professions, while incredibly rewarding, pay about as well as fiction writing. (See “Should I pay for Stock Fiction?”)

  • My humble/honorable status quo is motherhood, writing, matrimony, and middle age.

  • I also do yoga, walk several miles a day, and dance in my kitchen.

  • I like cake and flowers and can make art with both.

  • I have big goals, small expectations, thin skin, and a rapier wit.

  • In a duel I would choose bawdy banter at sun-up, because I’m a morning person.

  • I grew up near the ocean and it still pulls at me.

  • My friendships are few, but fabulous.

  • I really like my family.

  • I have a lot to say, and writing helps me say it.

  • I become vastly more interesting while talking to other interesting people.

But is your writing any good?

Heck yeah! But don’t take my word for it.

Stock Fiction is currently recommended by fifty-seven other Substack publications, including those of traditionally published authors, soon-to-be traditionally published authors, self-published authors, and legit writing educators. Here’s what some of them have to say about my work:

Nice blurbs. What do I get if I subscribe?

You’ll receive semi-weekly posts of experimental short fiction, poetry, essays, and humor, plus the occasional podcast and multimedia project.

Could I pay for Stock Fiction?

Could you? YES!

While all of my content is currently FREE to experience, you can show added support for the work I’m doing (while simultaneously making my day) by become a monthly, annual, or founding member subscriber. And as a thank you, you’ll be automatically upgraded to FOREVER PAID status after just one annual payment (or 12 monthly payments).

Should I pay for Stock Fiction?

The decision to pay for the art I’m creating is yours to make. If you dig what I’m putting down here and want to show your appreciation for me as an artist trying to leave her mark on the world, then a paid subscription is one fantastic way to do that.1

Another fantastic way is to indulge in my free content forever and show your support the new old-fashioned way, by leaving thoughtful comments and sharing my work with others you think would enjoy it. 


You mentioned an “award-winning novel?”

YES! My scintillatingly sweet masterpiece, See Dot Smile, was recently crowned a 2023 Watty Award winner!

Can I read it?

Yup! You can read my shining debut for FREE on Wattpad.com.

See Dot Smile

In fifty words or less, describe the Stock Fiction experience.

Stock Fiction is a wild ride complete with drops, twists, loops, bumps, and slides. My writing style is equal parts empathic, evocative, edgy, experimental, and other choice “e” words. My goal is to keep you smiling, laughing, crying, cringing, and wondering … what’s next?

Ticket to ride

It all looks so good. Where do I start?

Here’s a shortlist of fan favorites to whet your whistle. The list also serves as a lovely cross section of the Stock Fiction oeuvre in all its mercurial glory.






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Yours truly and in fiction,


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A dynamic anthology of experimental short fiction, poetry, essays, humor, and multimedia projects from the fiery heart/busy mind of novelist, Meg Oolders.


Out there, Meg is the author of the 2023 Watty Award winning novel, "See Dot Smile." In here, Meg writes gutsy short fiction, evocative poetry, snarky humor, and whatever else she can think of.