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06 | Market Like It's Art

06 | Market Like It's Art

An expert/artist guided discussion highlighting the many ways you can (and should) promote your writing, without sacrificing your integrity.

Welcome back to Talk Fiction, the podcast dedicated to entertainment media’s most overlooked underdogs: Fiction writers.

Friends, I am beyond jazzed to bring you today’s podcast featuring successful author and marketing maven, Claudine Wolk, creator of the Substack newsletter *slash* book *slash* podcast Get Your Book Seen and Sold.


When is the best time to start thinking about how to market your book?

Regardless of where you are in your writing journey (published, unpublished, in progress, or still at the drawing board), the answer is:


In this episode, Claudine and I tackle book marketing (eek!), self-promotion (ack!), and a whole mess of easy-to-perform maneuvers designed to help you, FELLOW ARTIST, strengthen your “business” muscles CREATIVELY, so the whole process doesn’t feel like such a dang chore.

And to my fond fellow fiction writers: I really went to bat for us in this one.

Turns out we CAN do “business.” We just need to approach it like it’s ART.

Claudine Wolk is a fantastic resource for authors and a tremendous supporter of hard-working artists like Moi. Did you know I’ve guested on her podcast three times …

and counting? 😎

Oh, and you’re definitely going to want to buy her book after you listen, so here’s a link to shop:

Get Your Book Seen and Sold

And for the love of Pete, go read my award-winning novel. It’s FREE for the aforementioned Pete’s sake. And the perfect summer beach read. 💜🔥

See Dot Smile

Stick around and Talk Fiction with us.

My guest and I will be standing by to field any questions or comments you have about book marketing, publishing, brain dumps, “Rudy” moments, or any of the other topics we discussed. Don’t be shy!

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