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05 | The Actor Writes

05 | The Actor Writes

Two erstwhile starlets of stage and screen discuss social media, screenwriting, memoir, motherhood, and writing as performance art.

Welcome back to Talk Fiction, the podcast dedicated to entertainment media’s most overlooked underdogs: Fiction writers— AND the podcast for people who aren’t huge fans of podcasts! 😀🎉

Today’s interview is going to feel like a cozy lunch date with an old friend you haven’t seen in years but can jump right back in with as if you saw each other yesterday. CK Steefel, creator of the hysterically heartfelt Substack,

, joins me in a laughter-infused gab sesh about writing, performing, working hard, and living well.

  • Can CK Steefel fit her fist in her mouth?

  • Did she sleep with George Costanza?

  • Did Meg Oolders strip in college?

  • Can she actually fly?

  • Will these two co-author a book about poop (as it pertains to parenting)?

All of these questions will be answered in this scrumptious installment of what is fast becoming the most fun I’ve ever had while being stealthily educated by my peers.

“Part of the reason I'm doing this show is to … learn a little bit—on the sly —while also hanging out and having fun and socializing with people—which is the best way to learn, in my opinion.” - Me

Listen, friends. And learn. You won’t be sorry. 💜

Curtain Call

My ESTEEMED Guest: CK Steefel

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Good Humor
Chapter 1; How To Know Your Purpose
I lay on the cool, tile floor waiting for Mom to finish her shower. There’s an ache in my mouth. I stand again, circle my spot, like my ancestors, but here I don’t need to tamp down the underbrush, feel for rocks, or thorns, or scare away insects. My enemies from my wolf lineage are no longer a threat. Still, I spin and spin. May…
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Your LOQUACIOUS Host: Meg Oolders

Read my Funny AF Women interview

Good Humor
Funny AF Woman #7
Back in my theatre days there was a thing called “triple threat:” Actor, Singer and Dancer. It was unusual for a performer to be truly talented at all three. I’m discovering something similar in the writing world. Meg Oolders is a “quadruple threat:” Humor, Poetry, Short Stories, YA Fiction… And, she has a podcast. “Quintuple threat?” I’m so glad I foun…
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See Dot Smile

This image is blurry because the applause was so powerful. I literally brought the house down. 😉

Stick around and Talk Fiction with us.

My guest and I will be standing by to field any questions you have or indulge in any stories you’d like to share! Are you a reformed thespian? Working on a screenplay? Trying to age gratefully? Let’s dish!

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Music: Bird of the Meadow by Josh Ritter

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