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04 | Mad Magic

04 | Mad Magic

A freestyle forum on the science and sorcery of novel writing.
Content consideration: This episode marks the creator’s decision to slap an E (explicit) stamp on this podcast moving forward. Because talking candidly about writing and salty language go hand in hand, apparently. You’ve been advised.

Welcome back to Talk Fiction, the podcast dedicated to entertainment media’s most overlooked underdogs: Fiction writers.

In this episode, professional dream chaser,

, matches minds with expert goal getter, , in a dynamic duo log about the pleasures and perils of writing a huge-ass book. From pantsing (or plotting) to publication (or not) and everything in between.

This one’s an ear full. But who better to deliver “real talk” about the novel writing experience than two maniacs who have actually done it, and are crazy enough to want to do it again?

Please give it up for my guest on his recent Big Five publishing deal for his debut novel, Leverage. I had the unique opportunity to read the director’s cut of Amran’s book before almost everyone, and I am thrilled to see both book and author getting their due.

Let the record show, I snagged an intimate interview with this up-and-comer before he got super famous.

Let. The. Record. Show.

As promised in the show intro, here’s a rundown of our respective internet takeovers. Click freely and subscribe at will.

Amran’s Empire

  • Read about his book deal!

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Meg’s Empire

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  • Read the first chapters of my abandoned “thriller burlesque” novella. Rated E (explicit)🫦:

  • Read my Watty Award winning novel, See Dot Smile, for FREE!!!

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Stick around and Talk Fiction with us.

My guest and I will be standing by to field any questions you have about novel writing, publishing, or whatever else, so don’t be shy. We’d also love for you to contribute your own thoughts on the subjects we covered. Have a novel writing process hack to share? A celebration or frustration? A publishing insight? Let’s keep the discussion going!

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